Group Members

Current Graduate Students and Undergraduate Advisees
Mahta Gholizadeh Ansari, 6/19 to present.  Chromium isotopes.
Hannah Veldhuizen, 8/20 to present.  Microbial fractionation of antimony isotopes.
Kirsten Mazurkiewicz, 8/20 to present.

Past Ph.D Students
André Savio Ellis, Ph.D. 5/03. Professor, Cal State Univ., Los Angeles
Scott Kelvin Clark, Ph.D. 12/08. Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Anirban Basu, Ph.D. 2/13. Lecturer at Royal Holloway, Univ. of London
Gideon Bartov, Ph.D. 12/14.
Xiangli Wang, Ph.D. 12/13. Asst. Professor, University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Noah Jemison, Ph.D. 10/18.  Post-doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Naomi Wasserman, Ph.D. 08/20.  Post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Past Master’s Students

Yoshie Hagiwara, M.S. 2000, Part-time university teacher
Matthew Wander, M.S. 2001, PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, post-doc at Drexel
William Beaumont, M.S. 2003, Lab scientist, Univ. of Southern California
Eric Sikora, M.S. 2004, Sigma Environmental Services, Milwaukee
Jacqueline Kitchen, M.S. 8/02 to 8/05
Emily Berna, M.S. 2006, High School teacher
David Robison, M.S. 2008, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Chris Mead, MS, 2008, PhD Arizona State 2015
Amanda Raddatz, MS, 2009, Geologist at Oxy, Houston
Elizabeth Armstrong, MS 2014
Katelyn Zatwarnicki, MS, 2013, Aqueous Solutions, LLC
Ted Grimm, MS, 2014, Environmental Consulting
Matt Bizjack, MS, 2016,  Environmental Consulting (SCST, Chicago)
Joel Mackinney, MS, 2016,  Environmental Consulting (SCST, Chicago)

Undergraduate Students

David Kulczycki, Independent study project, Spring 1999
Andrew Shore, Independent study project, 2003-2004
Robert Hill, 2/18 to 6/19.   Selenium and chromium isotopes as potential isotopic tracers for coal ash contamination